Upon request we are shipping directly to your customer - this is what we call dropshipping. For this service we charge you an administration fee of only 1,99 € net per order. You will have no capital commitment and no risk. You can offer a wide range of products without having any storage costs. Furthermore you can reduce your costs for staff, document printing, packaging or logistic handling.

As soon as you have received your customer‘s order please log-in to our shop and place your order. To turn your order into a dropshipping order, choose the order option New Dropshipment Order. After having chosen this option a address field will occur automatically. Now please fill the address fields with your customer‘s address.In addition you have the option to upload one or more pdf documents that we will print out and add to your parcel.  Just click on the checkbox Attach My Document. If you don’t want choose this option, we will add a neutral delivery note to your parcel. Your shipment now will be shipped with your company address as senders address.