New Shopfeatures

the new User account
User profile
Here you can change and then save your login-data. 

Customer profile
Here you will find all of your invoice-relevant data. These data cannot be changed or edited by you. If your company name or address should have changed you can here apply for a modification of your data in our system. Our service team will edit inquiries typically within 24 hours.

User administration
Here you can add on your own initiative other users to your account, or, if you have already installed various users, define a new main user, as well as assign or revoke rights to your users. Please keep in mind, that for every user you will need a seperate e-mail-address.

Delivery addresses
If your company has different locations or branches you can store your most important delivery addresses here. You can chose from them during the order process. In this way you only have to type in a perservative delivery address only once.

If you have further questions conceirning our user account please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. Our service team will help you.
The new Order overview
Order Overview
Our new order overview offers various functions that help you to simplify the administration and checking of your orders and receipts. Search for a document number or a reference number assigned by you to find exactly the order you are looking for. If you want your documents of the last 4 or 8 weeks or a period chosen by you individually to be displayed, then please choose one of these options. Click on the calendar icon and select the desired period of time. If you are searching only open or closed orders, choose one of these options from the check boxes.

Receipt storage
Discover also the new receipt storage. If you don‘t have selected a filter, all your documents will be displayed here. In the column Order Number/Status you will find the order number and find out whether this order is still open or has already been completed. If you are using the functions of our dropshipping service, you can here see at a glance whether you have already uploaded the document. The column Document Type gives you information about the type of the document in this line. The document number you can find in the column Document Number. By clicking on Details or the Info icon you will get to the detail view of the document. Here you will find more information, such as e.g. the shipping or billing address, as well as information on the scope of the order. If you need the document as a PDF file, you can open and save the document as a PDF file by clicking at the Document button.  
overview open orders (Payment)
Here all outstanding invoices as well as your open balance will be displayed.

Date Filter
By clicking on the Calendar icon you can specify the period for which your invoices shall be displayed. If you want to save your selections, click on Assume.

Effect payment
By using the button Effect Payment you will have different choices. You can now select your desired payment method and, by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes infront of the invoices, decide which invoices you would like to pay collected and which ones individually.

Return Order

By entering an item-, order-, billing-, delivery reicept- or own given reference number you are able to search the order number where you want to exchange an item.

Alternative items, Accessories and item references
To make the design of your product range as easy as possible, we have developed some more features. As of now, you will find a selection of product suggestions in the item card (bottom) to complete your product range.
These fall into categories as follows:

Alternative items
Here you will find products that correspond to the style or the product group of the selected item and represent an appropriate alternative.

At this point we show you products that on the image were combined with, but are not included under the scope of delivery for this item.

Item References
Which products can I combine with the item so the outfit is complete? Here we resolve this issue.
Quick Order
To facilitate the ordering process, we have implemented our new quick order function.

CSV file upload
Here you can upload via drag-and-drop or clicking a CSV file and create a shopping cart. The CSV file must be structured according to the following scheme:

Article number, variation, quantity
e.g. 100020,000-007,3

Quick Order
To use this feature, please fill the box Article number and then select the desired colour, size and quantity. The requested quantity will be immediately added to your shopping cart. In this way you can quickly add a large number of items your shopping cart.

Export (CSV-Export)
To enable you to get faster to information about article data and availability, we have created an export interface for this data.